“Family: where life begins and love never ends.” – Unknown

Welcome to Mayers Portraiture! We celebrate the love, relationships and stories of families through beautiful art pieces that you and your family will treasure.

Take a little trip with us, and think of a time when you are sitting the couch with the morning sunlight shining in wrapping you in the warmth of the day. You glance over and see your family portrait that hangs in your favorite room, your family room. The faces in that portrait warm you heart, it is a reminder of your baby boys toothless grin and your daughters favorite dress that she insisted on wearing every single day. You see pride and love in your eyes for the family that you have created and are so grateful you have this portrait to bring you back to those fleeting moments. You can’t help but notice that these portraits have captured your families true personalities and the love that you share.

Why is it important for you to have a family portrait?

Life passes so quickly, you hear parents say all the time, “Where has my baby gone?”  A family portrait art piece will not only make time stand still, but it will also express to your children and others that family is what is important in your life.

Life does not standstill no matter how much we ask it to. Call today and lets talk… 225-614-9491